30 YEARS OF FUA KREW: Opening Night

30 YEARS OF FUA KREW: Opening Night

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Yesterday was the opening for, 30 YEARS OF FUA KREW, curated by Erich Lehman of 1975.

“For 30 years, FUA Krew has grown from a local group of graffiti artists into a collection of some of the top graffiti artists from around the world. Experience their progression as seen through their own eyes. Featuring never-before-seen historical photographs, stories, and new works from the artists.”

– Erich Lehman

Erich Lehman, 1975

The opening reception kicked off at 6PM last night, as sun shone brightly through the windows of the Joy Gallery.

Walking around, you realize how much of an impact FUA has had on Rochester and it’s residents. Visitors to the gallery enjoyed a delicious spread of food as they wandered around taking in the vast collection of pieces.

I think what I appreciated the most was hearing how this work touched people. Listening to stories from patrons reminiscing about growing up with FUA graffiti in their neighborhood, and how it served as inspiration for them (as art tends to do).

Some personal favorites are found in the gallery below, but the collection is expansive and should be seen in person to really appreciate its powerful connection to the community.

FUA Panorama
FUA - Joy Gallery - Panorama

If you missed the opening, there are open gallery hours Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays- come by and check it out!
I’ll even be there a few of those days, volunteering as a gallery assistant.


Thursdays – 1-5pm
Fridays – 1-9pm
Saturdays – 1-5pm

FUA Show Cards
FUA Show Cards

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