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  • TIME: A Ferocious Predator

    TIME: A Ferocious Predator

    Eighteen days since my last post, Oh My! I’ve been super busy getting artwork finished for the upcoming 1975 show,...
  • Whirlwind (N): A Confused Rush

    Whirlwind (N): A Confused Rush

    This week has been a whirlwind of stuff to do / getting done.
  • Dig Out Those Thermals

    Dig Out Those Thermals

    Evening daylight is waning, leaves are beginning to clamor for a wardrobe change. My all time favorite season arrives in...
  • The Pony Express Rides on

    The Pony Express Rides on

    Handmade and handwritten niceness is so refreshing to receive via the post these days- so much more personal than emails,...