Coding Updates and Getting Crafty

Coding Updates and Getting Crafty

Listening to classical music on WXXI, relaxing with some coffee as Kyoki is curled up next to me. The days are shaping up to be colder as they pass, Fall is on his way.

In between taking the time to find a new jobby job to pay the bills, I am crafting and coding up a storm. Today has largely been spent coding updates to my website. Added my resume, and added some more content to the Art Portfolio section. Working more on some artwork for the upcoming 1975 group show and also creating a bunch of neato card-stock cards  (I made the cards fashioned after one I made for my Grandmother on her birthday).

Happy Bird Day

Started a sculpture a few weeks back I would like to finish some point this week.


Nomad - Sculpture   Nomad - Sculpture   Nomad - Sculpture

Get your hump day on and enjoy life!