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This week has been a whirlwind of stuff to do / getting stuff done.

Made a ton of updates to the website, worked on a couple of creative projects for fellow campers, watched some pre-season football, worked on some sweet little drawings/artwork for some long overdue snail mail, and I SERIOUSLY hunted for jobs.


I hunted for jobs, like Boba Fett hunted Han Solo.


Realizing that having a website, with some current content, was rather an important detail during the posting / interviewing process, I thought that updates were in order. A sprucing up of my portfolio section was first, followed quickly by this, my blog. I’m looking forward to filling up this space with lots of images, stories, thoughts, and musings.

After three days of rewriting code, and resizing images, my soul needed a break. With the outdoors calling, I headed out to Durand Beach, and wandered the shoreline. Two hours is all it takes to feel refreshed. Foraging for beach bits. The water washing in and out. Kids playing with their parents, splashing around, laughing. Sweet, sweet, sunshine.

Found some amazing treasures that I tucked way to use in future creations. Glass, and pottery, and shells – oh, my.

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