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I happened upon a quest,

that served to be an inspiration for a future creative endeavour.

While recently interviewing, a spry invitation was made that I should make a house made of driftwood for the next round of interviews.


During the interview process for a marketing position within a local home efficiency company, I created a presentation outlining their current social media marketing efforts with data pertaining to interaction rates, highlighting and reviewing the importance of perceived product quality. At the end of the interview, I was told that I would be invited back to participate in the last round of interviews, which would include myself and one other candidate.

“Geez” I remarked with a sly grin, “I think for the next round, I will have to build you a house.”
“Ohhhh” the interviewer gasped, “Yes, made of driftwood!” She smiled.

During the last few meetings, I had discussed my love for art and nature, and how I like to combine the two to create various artistic pieces using the bits I’ve foraged from my walks and hikes.

I knew immediately this was a great opportunity to show my creativity and initiative. 

I left with engineering plans whooshing around in my mind.

The idea was simple enough.

A house made of driftwood.

Arriving home, construction immediately commenced.

I really loved how the house turned out!

11″ x 9″ – Freestanding.

Everything used on the home was found in the outdoors – including an old rusted CO2 cartridge that reminded me of a hot water tank.

(The little button handle on the door makes me smile!)

I’m not sure if it will land me the job, but two revelations came of this.

  1. I gave interviewing for this position my all – I kick creative brass!
  2. That “creative endeavour” I spoke about in the beginning dawned on me – I can gather photographs of the outside of people’s homes, and create miniature driftwood reproductions of those houses to sell or give as gifts.

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